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Background Checks & Pre-Employment Screenings

Guardian has access to national, federal, state, county and local criminal and civil records, in addition to property, address history, liens, judgments, employers, associates, family and assets. Employers primarily utilize this service, as well as real estate agents, landlords, and neighborhood associations.
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Criminal Investigations

What happens if either you, someone you know and love, or, if you are a lawyer, a client of yours finds themselves on the wrong end of a police mistake? Since law enforcement agencies are the best at launching criminal investigations, wrongly accused individuals are at a considerable disadvantage. Trials can boil down to one person’s version of the truth versus the government’s idea of what actually happened.

Fortunately, defense lawyers and private citizens who are dissatisfied with the criminal investigations conducted by the government do have the option of hiring private investigators that are equally or more adept at revealing the truth than federal and state law enforcement agencies. At Guardian Detective Agency, we employ a highly specialized team of former police officers, detectives, and federal agents who can level the playing field whenever the state launches an unfair investigation. We gather court admissible evidence that can set you or someone you know free from a wrongful conviction.

Our Investigators can follow up on cases, conduct interviews, review police reports and collected evidence. Rest assured that all of our Clients remain 100 percent confidential.

Driver’s History Checks

Our driver’s history checks details of an individual’s driving record over a five or ten year period, showing any citations, accidents or revocation of driving privileges.

Drone Surveillance

Professional drone video services for Real Estate Agents, Construction Companies, Developers or anyone who just wants a "Birds Eye View" Michael Sands' drone is registered through the FAA for commercial flight and Michael is a Commercial Airplane Pilot and a former Army Captain and helicopter pilot.

Electronic Counter Measures

In today’s digital and online World, people have access to a variety of video and listening devices that can be used for eavesdropping. Guardian has the technology and equipment to locate those devices used without the owner’s knowledge.

Family Law Issues

As private investigators we use modern technology and work in the background. Utilizing the services of an investigator can be one of the best actions a client can take to assist with his or her family court case.

Evidence of misconduct can be obtained via surveillance in divorce cases and in child custody cases. This surveillance can be done in person, or through modern technology via GPS tracking, and can find evidence of things such as: infidelity, drug activity, child neglect and other misconduct.

It should be noted that Guardian also has an alliance with an expert in child custody issues that can assist in court filings, proceedings and can save a significant amount of money before seeking an Attorney’s assistance.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Technology can be an extremely effective tool when used in conjunction with surveillance and can help reduce the need for multiple Investigators in a difficult surveillance location, thus making the investment less expensive.
Guardian provides our clients knowledge of real time and historic evidence of where a particular vehicle is traveling and visiting in addition to the speeds and times traveled along with the amount of time spent stationary at any given location. This evidence can show a pattern of behavior and allow us to target a specific time or place to conduct video surveillance.

Insurance Fraud

Fraudulent claims are increasingly common. Insurance companies, for example, depend upon a P.I.
to identify such fraudulent activity to protect their interests. The range of clients for a personal injury investigator can therefore vary from an individual to attorneys to very large organizations such as insurance companies.

Interviewing & Recorded Statements

Guardian Investigators conduct in person interviews and/or recorded statements of victims, witnesses or offenders, depending on the Client’s needs.

Locate Services

Guardian backgrounds utilize a National database with unlimited resources to track down witnesses, defendants and offenders. This is also accomplished by locating family members and associates. Persistence is key in every Guardian Investigation.

Personal Injury / Scene Investigations

The personal injury investigator maintains an increasingly important role in modern day life. Unfortunately, people do have accidents - the consequences of which can be devastating. Any liability needs to be established through effective investigation prior to the settlement of any subsequent claim. Guardian can conduct interviews and recorded statements of witness or those liable for the injuries sustained. We take scene photos of where the incident occurred to verify validity and as evidence to be utilize in court.

Process Service

We serve all forms of legal documents requested by clients and issued by a Court of Law. Guardian’s dedicated and persistent staff guarantees service of process to all Clients in all legal matters.

Video Surveillance

Our Investigators utilize the latest and most advanced digital electronic video equipment with night vision capabilities to obtain evidence for our Client’s cases. We capture undisputable activity on film and expose the truth. All case activity is videotaped and transferred onto DVDs for our clients and their attorneys.
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"Michael S**** at Guardian Detective Agency has been excellent to work with, even when I have needed him at the last minute for some surveillance. As an attorney, I highly recommend his services, and my clients appreciate him too."
- Jill G.